Honda CR-V 2021 – Review, Fuel economy, Price

Honda’s seasoned and trusted player in the game is set to enter into its 26th year. It has certainly been through a glamorous and praise-worthy career. Now having said that, the 2021 Honda CR-V has pretty much been in the limelight lately even though it is carried forward from the year 2021, with no major note-worthy changes. So let’s dive in further and see what the fuss is all about. Straight from a comprehensive revamp that the Honda CR-V received in 2021, the carried-forward 2021 CR-V looks sharp from any angle you presume fit and of course, has the smarts to back it up too. Ever since the spy-shots for the 2021 Honda CR-V have emerged, the best-selling SUV in the world has been the talk of the town even though nobody has an iota of a clue as to what the crossover is going to pack. Assumptions have been wildly thrown around like fresh prepped popcorn regarding the highly anticipated addition to the 2021 lineup of the Automotive market. Price, technical specifications, interior, exterior of the car – Honda CR-V 2021 read below.

New Honda CR-V 2021

Interior packaging was never Honda’s stronger suit, or that’s what Honda wanted you to believe up until now. We might even dare to say that Honda has been misleading you about this notion, as years of planning have finally come to bear fruit with the 2021 Honda CR-V, which packs one of the most immaculate interior packages in this segment has ever seen. As sleek as it is going to be on the outside, it is just as refined on the inside. Now the same will be carried forward for the 2021 model as well. Coming to the center console and infotainment part, the dashboard will be draped in soft-touch materials, with subtle wood trimmings and chrome accents outlining the dash as you go up the trim ladder. Infotainment-wise, the same 7.0-inch touchscreen system will be carried forward, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now standard. There also is a Premium audio setup to let you be the DJ of your own driving experience. The 2021 CR-V is as spacious as they come. Just like Honda’s marquee factor, the CR-V packs plenty of space for 5 and also comes equipped with a number of amenities that keep you that much more comfortable such as Heated leather seats and Heated leather-wrapped steering wheel which are standard from 2021. We expect the same luxurious and comfortable seats to be carried forward for 2021, although with a serious upgrade in the form of third-row. Honda CR-V 2021 – review, fuel economy, engine and release date, read about all of this below!


A stylish and spacious interior creates a cool and comfortable environment in the CR-V. Quality materials and a familiar layout combine for a contemporary look and feel. A tasteful balance of faux-wood accents, chromed plastic, and brushed-satin finishes looked particularly upscale in the Touring version we tested. Supportive and nicely sculpted front seats hug their occupants in all the right places. Leading its class in cargo volume and luggage space, the CR-V not only earns high marks in those subjects, but also by way of its inclusion of user-friendly and useful equipment. We managed to fit 10 carry-on suitcases behind the rear seat, which matched the Mazda CX-5 and the Ford Escape. Fold the back seat flat, and the Honda offers best-in-class luggage space. Honda CR-V 2021 – see the photo at the end of the article!


The 2021 Honda CR-V will presumably have the same resculpted exterior silhouette to that of the 2021 Honda CR-V. It comes with standard LED headlights and taillamps which is a first in this segment, as it is optional for the other cars. One thing we expect to see is the change in dimensions of the car, with the addition of the third-row in place. If rendered true, it might very well be the cheapest three-row crossover in the market. At a bare minimum, if the reports are to believed, 2021 will also have the same new front bumper, updated grille, revamped headlights, and updated 18”-alloys from the thoroughly freshened 2021 CR-V. Now at the end of the day, we do not think the CR-V needs any sort of refreshment on the outside, as it features an aggressive and brawny but yet a youthful look. You have a lot of chrome accents being implemented all around the car. All in all, it is sure to grab eyes while on the road.


The 2021 CR-V excels in hauling people and cargo. The 2021 Honda CR-V aces cargo and people. Not many vehicles carry cargo and up to five adults as comfortably; those that do are usually called “luxury cars.” The CR-V gets points above average for its front and rear seats, people-carrying abilities, and another for cargo space. It’s a 9 for comfort. The front seats are excellent and feature 12-way power adjustment in EX models and higher. The view from the front seats is relatively unfettered and clean, thin roof pillars intrude far less than in-laws. Similarly, the low dashboard, high seating position, and tall ride height are especially useful in cities.

Fuel economy

Good to look at, good to drive, and good on gas: the CR-V is among the most fuel-efficient compact crossovers we’ve tested. The CR-V earned 32 mpg on our 200-mile fuel-economy test route. That number combined with its 14.0-gallon tank should provide about 440 miles of highway driving range. We expect the CR-V hybrid to deliver impressive fuel economy as well, but haven’t tested that model on our fuel-economy route. The hybrid model’s fuel economy hasn’t been rated by the EPA, but Honda says it anticipates a 50-percent increase in efficiency versus the nonhybrid model and said it will also offer some electric-only driving range.


The gas-only powertrain is a 1.5-liter turbo-4 that makes 190 horsepower and 179 pound-feet of torque that shifts through a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) to power the front or all four wheels, when optionally equipped. The available power comes on quick, low in the rev range, which helps around-town jaunts. The CVT does its best to keep the CR-V efficient and it works well, most models manage about 30 mpg combined. The turbo-4 is rated to tow up to 1,500 pounds, when properly equipped. The CR-V Hybrid is powered by a 2.0-liter inline-4 gas engine that mostly generates power for a lithium-ion battery that drives electric motors. The gas engine can clutch in to mechanically drive the wheels, although Honda says that doesn’t happen often. The net output of the engine and electric motors is 212 hp, which is almost imperceptible to the gas-only CR-V, but the hybrid’s trick is fuel economy: the EPA rates it at 38 mpg combined. The CR-V Hybrid is all-wheel drive only, and it’s more refined than the base CR-V.

Technical specifications

Performance-wise, it would be better if you don’t go about expecting big changes as, after scraping the 2.4L engine and using the straight out 1.5L Turbocharged unit which punches out 190hp and 179 lb-ft of torque, from the year 2021, Honda will not equip the 2021 model with a different powertrain. One major expected change would be that the AWD option is standard from now on, which was optional earlier. Honda will carry forward its surprisingly good CVT into the year 2021 untampered. Don’t forget that this is a crossover, so the acceleration would be sluggish at best, and that the CR-V won’t be eager enough to climb onto highway speeds, even with a turbocharged setup. CR-V was never destined to do the traditional stuff that the other SUVs do, such as going off-road. It was meant to be driven in city limits, with softer suspension setup to gulp in road imperfections. Now for drivers who demand greater performance prowess backed by agile handling, a hybrid powertrain is also available, which gives out 212 pones from a 2.0L engine and two electric motors.


LX: $26,170; EX: $28,680; LX Hybrid: $28,870; EX-L: $31,170; EX Hybrid: $31,380; EX-L Hybrid: $33,870; Touring: $34,370; Touring Hybrid: $37,070. We’d spend the extra cash to upgrade to the mid-range EX model. Doing so adds valuable features most modern buyers will find essential, including the 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability, heated front seats, a sunroof, dual-zone automatic climate control, push-button start, and a 12-way power-adjustable driver’s seat. As with most of its rivals, the CR-V has standard front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive is a $1500 upcharge.


The CR-V has just about the best crash-test ratings possible. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave it five stars and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) named it a Top Safety Pick for 2021; Honda says the refreshed model should qualify for IIHS’s Top Safety Pick+ award for 2021, but that testing has not yet been completed. The CR-V comes standard with a suite of driver-assistance features to help prevent collisions from happening in the first place. Key safety features include: Standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection; Standard lane-keeping assist with lane-departure warning; Standard adaptive cruise control.


Honda did its homework planting its first turbocharged engine—a 1.5-liter unit that makes 190 horsepower—in a CR-V and pairing it with one of the best continuously variable automatic transmissions (CVTs) available—praise we don’t give lightly. While most compact crossovers have meager towing limits, the CR-V has one of the lowest at 1500 pounds. Any parent moonlighting as a street racer might be disappointed with the CR-V’s acceleration. On the other hand, they—along with everyone else—will appreciate its refined ride, enthusiastic steering, and strong brakes. The composed and compliant ride of the CR-V makes for pleasant commutes, long or short. Its responsive brake pedal means you receive the stopping power you want when you ask for it. The CR-V hybrid is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and two electric motors that combine for 212 horsepower, and while we haven’t tested that model yet, we have found the same setup quite agreeable in the Honda Accord.


In 2021, the Honda CR-V went through a freshening that brought in a new front design, a revamped cabin, a new standard engine, and a hybrid model. With these changes still fresh, we expect the 2021 Honda CR-V to be a carryover model On the outside, the 2021 refresh delivered a new front bumper, updated grille, revamped headlights, updated wheels, and three new colors. We expect this design to remain the same when the 2021 CR-V arrives in showrooms. The interior’s updates were more subtle and included a new center console, repositioned USB ports, and more storage space. It also gained a heated steering wheel and wireless charging pad on Touring models. We expect this to all remain the same when the 2021 CR-V arrives. Under its hood, the 2021 CR-V dropped its standard 2.4-liter engine, making the turbocharged 190-horsepower 1.5-liter engine standard. We expect this engine and the standard continuously variable transmission to carry on unchanged in the 2021 CR-V. The current CR-V is an IIHS Top Safety Pick thanks to its “Good” crash test ratings across the board, “Good”-rated LED headlights on the Touring trim, and “Superior”-rated standard automatic emergency braking. Enhancing the 2021 CR-V’s safety is its standard lane-keep assist, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, and automatic high-beam headlights. We expect the safety ratings and equipment to remain the same in the 2021 CR-V.


The compact SUV class is one of the most competitive and crowded segments in the automotive world, and it takes a lot for one crossover to rise above the rest. But that is exactly the case with the Honda CR-V. At a bare minimum, compact crossovers must offer a sizable cargo area and a comfortable interior. The CR-V nails these requirements, with more storage than almost any vehicle in its class and a ride so smooth you’d swear you were driving a luxury SUV. The seats are similarly plush, and there’s enough passenger room that four 6-foot-tall adults will have no problem on a long road trip. It has very few faults, though we found that its peppy engine is a little thirstier than expected in real-world driving. The CR-V does not want for competition, but only a few rivals pose a serious threat. The Mazda CX-5 is ranked just as highly. And while its rear seats and cargo area are less commodious than the CR-V’s, the Mazda impresses with a stylish exterior, thrilling driving dynamics and a seriously powerful turbocharged engine. In terms of space, the Hyundai Tucson splits the difference, with a tight cargo area but a spacious rear bench. The recently redesigned Subaru Forester is another practical, solid bet.

Release date

With almost no new changes being expected lately, the 2021 CR-V’s price is still dormant to wander around the price bracket of $25,050 to $34,750. It should not differ around that much. Although needless to say, even if Honda hikes up the price by a bit, it still is a gracious steal. When it comes to the release date of the CR-V, decoding previous trends, Honda might unveil its golden goose somewhere around the fall of 2021. For people eager to lay their hands on something new from the Honda stable, we hate to bring it to you, you’d be fairly disappointed in that way. As far as changes are to be considered, it’s all a speculation and assumption game at this point. Although one thing that we are fairly certain with is the fact that it might offer a third-row seat, which obviously raises the price-tag up a bit. Apart from that if you really want the massively reliable Honda in your garage, we suggest you go for the 2021 Honda CR-V, instead of waiting till the fall of 2021.


Honda CR-V is one of the best there is. It hardly goes unnoticed that the CR-V which was released 25 years ago, still goes strong to this day. Thanks to its roomy cabin, excellent fuel economy, exceptional sales figures, and rather impressive driving dynamics, the CR-V is the ultimate go-to car in this jam-packed crossover segment. Honda CR-V was last redesigned vastly in the year 2017. After that, we can expect the Honda CR-V to go through a slight revamp for the coming 2022 year, with an updated exterior and interior silhouette. There have been multiple instances where the CR-V’s automatic transmission has suffered problems while shifting, which in turn results in acceleration problems and excessive noise and vibrations while driving along the freeway.

Photo Gallery 2021 Honda CR-V

All information about Honda CR-V 2021: Price, Interior, Fuel economy, Motors, Exterior, Horsepower, Colors, Safety, Configurations, you read on this page, and in the end – see the photo!

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  1. Looking to replace a 2013 Ford Escape — now driven by grandchild — the current Escape has a different look — one we don’t like as much. So, we drove the top rated CR-V Touring. There is a reason it is #1 in it’s class. It does have more road noise than vehicles in, say, the Audi Q3 class, but overall it is excellent. Currently, there are plenty of 2020’s around, so it’s uncertain when the 21’s will appear. Don’t need a 3rd seat, so I am planning to wait til dealers clear the ’20s from the lot.

    Lane assist, no-plug recharger, and other features are well located. Tailgate raise height control nice feature. Now to find the right price. Expect just over $29,000 — or about $5,500 off original MSRP.

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